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C. Holloway Hill Learning Library

Our Library of resources is designed to empower you with tools of life-long learning.  We offer programs delivering powerful essential skills created for you to Live By Design. Please make your selection and CHECKOUT AT THE BOTTOM of the page.


Emotional Bailout! - Book
Emotional Bailout! - Workbook
Emotional Bailout! - Bundle
Nine Principles For Rising When Your World Is Falling. Hear what others are saying. Read the Endorsements and Testimonials.
A step-by-step guide to implement the Emotional Bailout tools with worksheets, questionnaires, and much more!
Bundle of Emotional Bailout and the Workbook together for a reduced price.
PRICE: $17.95
PRICE: $24.95
PRICE: $29.99


Turn your commute into an audio learning experience. Our library of CDs are educational, energizing and entertaining. CDs are downloadable and available immediately upon purchase.

Financial Literacy Your Self-Discovery Journey Just Do It!
Financial Literacy CD1 Just Do It
Learn the basics of money management. Beyond What You See in The Mirror. Overcoming Procrastination.
PRICE: $9.99 PRICE: $9.99 PRICE: $9.99
Why Can't I Find a Good Mate? From Vision to Victory Believers Are Achievers
Find A GoodMate Vision To Victory Beliver Are Achievers
How to Find the Love of Your Life. Your Roadmap For Accomplishing Your Goals. Ten Rules to Living Your Dreams.
PRICE: $9.99 PRICE: $9.99 PRICE: $9.99


As an Advisory Board Member of the Professional Woman Network, Cathy is a contributing author in their prestigious library of books.  Cathy, along with MD's, Ph.D's, entrepreneurs, and best selling authors, has contributed to the success of this compilation library designed to provide the necessary tools for life obstacles, changes, and how to overcome them.

Life Skills for The African American Woman The Super Woman Syndrome
Wellness For The African American Woman
Unique life challenges of AA Women If you're trying to "do it all" Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellness for AA Women
25 Chapters for the unique life challenges of AA Women.
If you're trying to "do it all", this book is for you - 25 chapters. 25 Chapters for Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellness for AA Women.
PRICE: $19.95 PRICE: $19.95 PRICE: $19.95
The Young Woman's Guide for Personal Success Baby Boomers Handbook
Learning to Love Yourself
Challenges of young women between 16-25 Needs of Baby Boomer Women Bring Out The Brilliant YOU
25 Chapters Designed for challenges of young women between 16-25. 50 Chapters Designed Specifically for the Needs of Baby Boomer Women. 25 Chapters Designed to Bring Out The Brilliant YOU!
PRICE: $19.95 PRICE: $19.95 PRICE: $19.95

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Please feel free to contact our office for additional information about our Learning Resources.  We also offer volume discounts.

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