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Our Services

At C. Holloway Enterprises, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of excellence providing results-oriented services.  Services are available on a local, national and international basis and can be customized and designed to meet your specific needs. Each program has a broad category of topics that deal with specific issues relative to the program module. Additional information may be obtained by contacting our office.

Professional Development

Personal & Professional Development

Workshops & Seminars:  Motivational Speaking Presentations: 
  • Career Development and Planning
  • Career Transition and Change
  • Resume & Job Portfolio Preparation
  • Emotional Bailout!
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Empowering Young Adults
  • Attracting the Right Relationship for YOU!
  • Customer Service
  • Life and Career Self Empowerment
  • Self Esteem - A Journey in Self-Awareness
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Professional Image
  • Effective Communications
  • Stress Reduction
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Employee Relations & Conflict Resolution
  • Live Your Life by Design - Not by Accident
  • Grow Your Glow (Great Light Of Wisdom)
  • Life P.A.C.T. (Patience, Attitude,
    hange & Thought)
  • Cleanse the Clutter
  • Make Your "Mess" Your Message!
  • Your M.A.P. (Mindset, Actions, & Passion) for Life
  • The "BE, DO, HAVE" Principle


Technology Design & Development

  • Technology Consulting for Growing Your Business
  • Telecom Auditing - Identifying Potential Savings
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video & Audio Editing
  • Spokesperson, MC, Announcer services
  • Production Design (voice tracks, ad services, special effects for audio/video)

Voice-over Recorded Services

  • Commercials
  • Voice Response System
  • Audiobooks
  • Training
  • Promo Videos or Audios
  • Promotional Design
  • Documentaries & Movies
  • Spokesperson
  • Announcer

Voice-overs by Tony Lamont Enterprises:

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